Labor of Love

“Labor of Love” is an inspirational autobiography self-published at the age of 34, copyright 2000.   There are 34 inspirational topics followed by space to journal one’s own thoughts on each topic.  RaeDeen was inspired to write this book when she was diagnosed with a chronic illness and could not locate any books written by any other individuals with the same diagnosis.  She encourages others to pursue their dreams, despite any adversity they may be faced with.

For your signed copy, submit $10 (including postage and handling) and write RaeDeen at

Jaffy Gaffy

Jaffy Gaffy is copyright 2009.  It is a short novel for 5th and 6th grade readers.  Jaffy is an avid basketball player but breaks his arm and cannot play during one season.  He continues to help his family and attend school and is rewarded for his work.  Jaffy Gaffy is available from or by contacting RaeDeen at  It is $10 for a signed copy, including postage and handling.


This book is copyright 2016.  It is a book of meditations to enhance your life.  There are blank pages for the reader to record their own thoughts.  Images by Holly Fain appear with each meditation.  It is available through the publisher, or by contacting RaeDeen.  Please send $13 which includes  postage and handling.

​©2016 by RaeDeen Heupel all rights reserved.​